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To solve complex problems through creative innovative solutions by utilizing well thought-out Systems Engineering processes and Advanced cutting edge technologies

Man working on electronic device


  • We are innovators, designers, and technology enthusiasts who believe in what we do

  • We set the pace in solving complex technical problems 

  • We believe in a culture of respect and team work 

  • Integrity and honesty is engrained in our culture

  • Perfection is what we strive for

  • We believe in diversity; our differences make us a unique and productive

  • We are accountable to one another and to our clients who are our partners

Group picture holding hands
Sharon Fletcher

President and Chief Executive Officer

Enrique Gonzalez

Vice President, Business Operations

Andy Cha

Director, Business Development

Ben Bourogaa

Manager, Business Operations


  • We provide IT support services to solve complex client needs

  • We utilize several decades of combined experience in innovative technology to save you time and money

  • We ensure our partners are well positioned to compete in the market place

  • We impact lives within under-privileged communities through innovation and STEM education

Electrical effect
Victor Peralta

Senior Director, Information Technology

Vantz Stockwell

Manager, Project Cordinator

Patrick Kendall

Senior System Engineer, IT

Spencer Hardesty

Cordinator,  Systems Engineer

Osmel Valdes

System Engineer, IT

Armando Losa

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer 

Joe Basile

Cybersecurity Compliance Specialist

Farron Rucker

Software Engineer, Data Science

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