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Disciplined Approach To Problem Solving

Caddis Technology Group believes in a disciplined approach to problem solving in the field of Aerospace and Defense based on first principles. We have a strong team of experts who utilize proven concepts and theories in applied sciences to tackle any challenging engineering problem your business may encounter.

Rocket Launch
Image by Juanjo Jaramillo


Agile Development and Life Cycle Management

Develop any software product with speed and accuracy and cut cost today. Here at Caddis Technology, we have in-house software engineers who seek to understand our clients' needs first before offering a solution. We work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way through the development process and post-deployment to ensure your software is achieving its purpose. 


PCB Design and Manufacturing

Caddis Technology Group Electrical & Electronic Engineers ("EEE") are highly skilled at their craft. Utilizing state-of-the art digital design tools, we make your concepts come to life through a systematic approach to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacturing. 

Image by Umberto
Image by Mathew Schwartz


Lead Your Competitors in Automation 

The future of innovative manufacturing heavily depends on robot and automation. Caddis Technology believes that robots augment the manufacturing processes by shifting the "heavy" work load from humans to machines. This means your employees can acquire new skills to positively contribute to the success of your company. We work with our clients from the concept phase through design to manufacturing. 


Embrace Data-Driven Decision Approach

As a leading technology company specializing in IT services, we understand the critical role that data and AI play in driving growth, efficiency, and innovation. We offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet your unique business need in Advanced Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling, Natural Language Processing and Chatbots, Image and Video Analytics. We will turn your data into useful forms to help you make data-driven critical decisions in your business for success.

Image by Stephen Dawson
Image by Sufyan


Dream It and Let Us Create It

At Caddis Technology Group, we are motivated by challenges others deem as impossible. When it comes to mechanical design and engineering, we have all the tools to transform your dream into reality through proven design work flows that ensure your desired product tolerances are achieved. We can help you optimize your design utilizing engineering trade studies and digital design optimization tools.

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